Harriet Ann Welker History

Harriet Ann Welker
Christopher Sharp Ritter
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Harriet Ann Welker (1874-1954) was the daughter of Daniel Devoss Welker and  Cassandra Ford.  She was born in Casey, Illinois (Clark Co, ).   The family moved to Kansas

She had brothers James (1867-1878(?)), Elmer (1871 - 1933), and Harry (1889-1957), and a sister, Lillie Edna Welker Bryant (1878 - ? ) , also known as  Dollie.

Harry is buried at Fort Whipple Chapel Veterens Cemetery, in Prescott, Arizona.  James is buried in Washington Cemetery, Cumberland Co., Illinois, and Elmer Welker is buried at Akeley, Minnesota.

Harriet was a student of the man whom she later married , Chris Ritter. She was 14 years his junior.
Their families had known each other back in Clark County, Illinois before they all moved to Kansas.

Oil paintings, landscape and still-life, done by Hattie Ritter have been found with Butch Ritter's collection of family belongings.  Hattie was an accomplished artist.  She was also said to have been a wonderful cook. 
During the Depression and the Dust-Bowl era, Hattie and Butch, maintained a large vegetable garden which supplemented their food allotments greatly.

Her children were:  Neva (29 Jan, 1895), Cassandra (3 May, 1898), Gordius Arminius (later Chris) (9 December, 1906), Huxley Flammarion (28 June, 1909), Baby (7 - 8 November, 1913), and Hartien Sharp
 ( 13 October, 1918).

Harriet Ann Welker Ritter is buried in the Iola Cemetery, Iola Kansas.

Born: 26-Jan-1874
Died: 27-Aug-1954  
D - Iola, Ks
Buried Iola Cemetery
Residences Bourbon Co., Kansas, Iola, Kansas